We offer a blend of activities that celebrate the waters, the land and the culture, to soothe both body and soul. We offer a blend of activities that celebrate the waters, the land and the culture, to soothe both body and soul. Ojo Caliente has hiking, biking, yoga, birding, and other experiences to enrich your stay. Take an exhilarating trek through hundreds of acres of hiking and biking trails and explore the rich heritage of Northern New Mexico. Enjoy the benefits of yoga classes that promote flexibility and relaxation.


Begin or enrich your meditation or yoga practice, or just revel in laughter and storytelling - whichever you choose, Ojo is the perfect sanctuary to uplift your soul.


Hiking Trail Map


The Ojo Yoga Program combines the traditions of the Springs' sacred and healing waters with the ancient practice of yoga - calming body and mind to complete your Ojo wellness experience.


  • Yoga classes are offered 7 days a week for guests practicing at all levels. Class descriptions are included below
  • Mindful Mornings Yoga are offered at 9 AM, Monday - Friday
  • Hatha Yoga classes are offered at 9 AM Saturday and Sunday as well as at 11 AM Monday - Friday
  • Restorative yoga classes are offered at 11 AM Saturday and Sunday
  • All classes are 80-minutes and cost $14 per person for all levels
  • Yoga classes are held within Ojo's Yurt unless otherwise posted
  • Please pre-pay at the front desk and arrive at the Yurt 5 minutes before your class begins
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes and other fragrances for the comfort of those who may be sensitive.

Soak & Stretch Midweek Special

  • Combine a soak and any yoga class for $35 (20% savings), Monday through Thursday
  • Includes access to all mineral pools, the eucalyptus steam room & sauna
  • Not valid during holiday periods

Mindful Mornings At Ojo

A yoga and stretch class to start your day. This morning yoga class is designed to awaken the body, mind, and senses to begin your day at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa. We will move through gentle, easy stretches to help prepare your body for spa therapies, soaking, hiking, relaxing, and enjoying all of the amenities that Ojo has to offer. This class is open to all levels of experience and is a wonderful way to arise with ease, calmness, and clarity.


Come join us, wake up gently and go with the flow into your Ojo day.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga, or Sun and Moon Yoga, is a series of postures combined with the breath designed to improve flexibility, balance, strength, and focus, and produces a sense of well-being. Benefits of yoga include increased strength and stamina, relief of stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure. Hatha Yoga classes at Ojo are 80 minutes and available for all levels. Modifications and personal attention will be given to make your yoga experience positive and FUN!

Restorative Yoga

Restore, renew and revitalize with this gentle yoga practice. Based on ancient Hatha Yoga traditions and practices, this 80-minute class is for all levels and integrates traditional yoga asanas (poses), relaxation techniques, and pranayama (breathing) exercises. Breathe in renewed energy and exhale tension. This is a slow-paced class designed for stress reduction and is a great “rejuvenator.”


Birding in Northern New Mexico is a treat, and especially here at Ojo Caliente with its varied habitats. New Mexico enjoys the fourth largest number of bird species in the United States, and many of those birds can be seen here at Ojo!


Numerous birds can be seen near the Historic Hotel and other lodging units, in the bosque - or forest - that lines the Rio Ojo Caliente, and in the more desert-like habitat on the mesas to the west of the resort. Birds you may see year-round on The Bosque Loop Trail include: Northern Goshawks, Cooper’s and Swainson’s Hawks, Northern Flickers, Bushtits, and Piñon Jays, as well as resident deer and coyotes. White-breasted Nuthatches and Downy Woodpeckers regularly visit the trees in front of the Historic Hotel throughout the year.


Click Here For More Information About Our Local Birds


Ojo's Intention Garden

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul.” -- John Muir

The instructor places a pen and a ‘seeded card’ (a square, hand-made piece of paper embedded with seeds of wildflowers) in front of each yoga mat. Participants are then invited to write down an intention or prayer – something meaningful and personal that they wish to focus on. The guest is then asked to attach the card to one of the branches of the metal-sculpted ‘Intention Tree,’ located prominently in the round, intimate room. The instructor further explains that each and every one of the hand-written cards are collected and saved for a splendid purpose … every Spring, hundreds of these written intentions are carefully soaked and planted in our "Intention Garden" located outside of the Yoga Yurt.  After everyone has completed the exercise, the yoga journey begins. For the next 80-minutes, participants enjoy relaxing stretching and breathing. These rejuvenating exercises are a perfect complement to one of Ojo’s unique spa treatments, a walk or hike through the treasured land, or a soak in the sacred, healing mineral waters.


By mid-summer, the “Intention Garden” is replete and blazing with wildflowers – as if the intentions and prayers were embodied in the magnificent florid colors and shapes. 


“Every individual has an opportunity to leave their own impression at Ojo in a permanent way – whether their thoughts are a symbol of their visit, a hope, or a dream – the essence of that intention will blossom every Spring!," said Jeannine Mallory, Ojo General Manager.


“The intentions are a beautiful way for our guests to focus on synchronizing the prana or breath while flowing through yoga poses with the aim of grounding the body, mind and spirit. That grounding energy is evidently translated to our garden."


"Not only does the Intention Garden enhance the beauty of the physical landscape here at Ojo, but it is also our hope that by our guests creating their intention and knowing it will be planted to grow in our garden, that it will also enhance the experience of their own life’s journey. This is a memory they can then reflect on each time they return to this magical place.”

Hiking & Biking

The Springs property consists of 1,100 acres and is adjoined by thousands of acres of national forest and public land. The diverse landscape ranges from the lush river valley to stunning high desert mesas – all of which contain numerous hiking and biking trails for guests to explore. The hilltop trail to the ancient Posi Pueblo introduces you to the rich heritage of Northern New Mexico. The more adventurous will enjoy the mountain bike trails through the surrounding mesas to the historic Mica Mines. For a more leisurely walk, visit our historic Adobe Round Barn or take an after dinner stroll along the banks of the Rio Ojo Caliente.


While we are not equipped to provide mountain bikes here at Ojo, we do recommend the following outfitters to rent beach cruisers or mountain bikes to bring to Ojo and get your ride on!


Hiking Trail Map


Visit Gearing Up's website in Taos


Visit Mellow Velo's website in Santa Fe

Area Activities

Taos & Santa Fe


The Town Of Taos

"A state of mind" is what D.H. Lawrence called the city of Taos, an historic art colony in Northern New Mexico. Taos is a world-class recreational center, home to over 100 art galleries, 6 museums, music and arts festivals, outdoor adventures, and the Taos Pueblo that has been inhabited for over 1000 years. Ojo is located just 45 minutes south of Taos.


The City Of Santa Fe

Getaway to the city different. A city that embraces its natural environment unlike any other in the United States whose beautiful, brown adobe architecture blends with the high desert landscape. Visit museums including the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, the Wheelright Museum of the American Indian, and SITE Santa Fe, a contemporary art museum, then check out the Galleries on Canyon road or the eccentric shops in Plaza. Ojo is one hour north of Santa Fe.