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Ojo's Intention Garden

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul.” -- John Muir

Guests who enter the Ojo Yoga Yurt can instantly feel how the circular structure invites serenity and harmony. A yoga instructor welcomes each guest.  But, before the teacher begins to guide participants through the physical postures of yoga, which are intended to relax, expand, and balance the body and mind, he or she first invites everyone to set an intention for the session.   What do you wish to dedicate this hour of practice to?   What dream or hope would you like to focus on during this yoga session?

Seeding CardThe instructor places a pen and a ‘seeded card’ (a square, hand-made piece of  paper embedded with seeds of wildflowers) in front of each yoga mat.  Participants are then invited to write down an intention or prayer – something meaningful and personal that they wish to focus on.
The guest is then asked to attach the card to one of the branches of the metal-sculpted ‘Intention Tree,’ located prominently in the round, intimate room. The instructor further explains that each and every one of the hand-written cards are collected and saved for a splendid purpose … every Spring, hundreds of these written intentions are carefully soaked and planted in our "Intention Garden" located outside of the Yoga Yurt.

After everyone has completed the exercise, the yoga journey begins. For the next 80-minutes, participants enjoy relaxing stretching and breathing.  These rejuvenating exercises are a perfect complement to one of Ojo’s unique spa treatments, a walk or hike through the treasured land, or a soak in the sacred, healing mineral waters.

GardenBy mid-summer, the “Intention Garden” is replete and blazing with wildflowers – as if the intentions and prayers were embodied in the magnificent florid colors and shapes.

“Every individual has an opportunity to leave their own impression at Ojo in a permanent way – whether their thoughts are a symbol of their visit, a hope, or a dream – the essence of that intention will blossom every Spring!” said Jeannine Mallory, Ojo’s General Manager. “The intentions are a beautiful way for our guests to focus on synchronizing the prana or breath while flowing through yoga poses with the aim of grounding the body, mind and spirit. That grounding energy is evidently translated to our garden. Not only does the Intention Garden enhance the beauty of the physical landscape here at Ojo, but it is also our hope that by our guests creating their intention and knowing it will be planted to grow in our garden, that it will also enhance the experience of their own life’s journey. This is a memory they can then reflect on each time they return to this magical place.”

Hatha and Restorative Yoga Classes are offered 7 days a week at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs. Resort & Spa for guests practicing at all levels. Click here for more information, class descriptions and schedules.  

Click here to learn more about Ojo's Yoga Program

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