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At Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, we continue our commitment to the environment and water conservation. Our geothermal system uses the energy from the hot mineral water after it has flowed through our pools to heat and cool our buildings. This system requires one-tenth the energy of conventional systems to operate. All of our domestic waste water is treated through a unique microbiological process at our on-site water treatment facility to ensure the highest possible purity before it is reintroduced to the land. It is also our priority to utilize the most progressive green building techniques and materials in all of our new construction and remodeling.

Geothermal energy heating and cooling. Goal: Heat and cool 95% of all newly constructed buildings at the facility. Impact: It is estimated that for every dollar spent on electricity to run system water pumps and compressors, seven dollars of propane usage will be saved at current propane pricing.

Minimize light pollution. Conform to community’s night sky ordinance by utilizing down lighting on all exterior light fixtures. Goal: Optimizing true darkness for guest enjoyment of phenomenal night skies.

Passive rain harvesting. Directs water to plants and landscape irrigation. Goal: berms route captured storm water for plant and landscape irrigation while minimizing silt runoff.

Xeriscaping facility ground. Goal: Use native and drought-tolerant plantings to minimize irrigation water requirements.

State of the art activated sludge wastewater treatment plant. Goal: Recharge the local aquifer with high quality treated water with on-site wastewater treatment facility. Micro-organisms treat water before re-injection into the aquifers. Controls evaporation and groundwater contamination.

Use low-flow plumbing fixtures. Goal: minimize domestic water usage.

Use energy saving light bulbs. Goal: reduce net electrical usage.

Utilize non-CFC's gas in heat pump compressors. Goal: protect fragile ozone layer.

Utilize solar energy for domestic hot water systems.

Salvage used building products.

Reduce landfill waste.

Utilize energy efficient Perform Wall Building System. Provides great insulation value and reduces energy consumption with beadboard (80% recycled polystyrene mixed with concrete instead of stucco).

Utilize locally harvested and milled timbers/beams garnered from "forest fire" salvaged trees.

Enforce smoke controlled policies. Smoking in designated areas only.

Use low VOC paints and finishes that are environmentally sensitive.

Maximize natural day lighting in new designs.

Maximize amazing views of resort’s natural beauty in all new designs.

* SUSTAINABILITY refers to how to make human economic systems last longer and maintained at a certain level indefinitely. The term, in its environmental usage, refers to having less impact on vital human ecological systems, especially with regards to concern over major global problems relating to climate change and oil depletion.

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